Choosing A New Pet

Make Sure To Get Your Cat Vaccinated

Just like your children, your pet also needs to get vaccinations. These vaccinations make sure that your cat is protected from a multitude of illnesses, including things like rabies and feline leukemia virus. Some vaccinations you only have to get once, while others, like the rabies shot, will have to be done regularly, generally annually. One important vaccine to make sure that your pet gets is the vaccine against feline viral rhinotracheitis, AKA feline herpesvirus and feline calicivirus. Read More 

Steps To Take When Taking In A Stray Cat

If you have had a cat hanging around outside your home for several weeks, you may have considered keeping it as a pet. A stray animal can make great companion if there are steps taken beforehand to make sure they do not belong to anyone else. You will also want to make sure the cat is free of disease and illness. Here are some steps to follow after you make the decision you would like to keep a stray cat. Read More