3 Tips For Keeping Skunks Away When They Have Been Removed By Professionals

When a skunk claimed part of your home as their new residence, it was obviously important to get rid of the unwanted pests and the possibility of their unwanted scent as soon as possible. However, after professionals help you to rid your home of skunks, it is a good idea to apply the following advice to encourage them to not return.

#1-Make Sure To Clean Your Pet's Food Bowls After They Eat And Protect Your Garbage Cans 

If your dog or cat is in the habit of snacking on their food throughout the day, this would be an opportune time to break them of that habit. Often, you will find that skunks enjoy the same food that your pet does. By removing an easy food source, you may be able to encourage them to move in elsewhere.

The same principle will apply for your garbage cans, as its contents can be similarly enticing to skunks. Therefore, by enclosing the securely covered trash cans in a secure environment, like a locked shed, you will be able to make your home even less inviting to these odorous animals.

#2-Create An Area That Is Not Appealing To The Skunks By Understanding Their Nocturnal Nature

Another surprising facts about skunks is that they are nocturnal. Since they sleep through the day and typically wake up as the sun starts to set, they will frequently look for warm, quiet spots to nap the day away. If you fear the return of skunks in your garage, basement or other part of your home, make sure to create some light and sound each day between dusk and full nightfall. It could be the motivation skunks need to stay away.

#3-Make Your Home Difficult For Skunks To Access

You may be surprised to discover that skunks are terrible climbers and great diggers. Unfortunately, that means that you could build up a 20 foot fence, but if there is a tiny hole where the fence connects to the ground, skunks may still get in.

As a result, it will often be helpful to secure your fence into shallow concrete. Since the skunk cannot dig through concrete and will rarely make an effort to dig at all unless there is an easily accessibly hole on the other side, they could be an unfortunate and smelly memory for you and your family. In addition, you should also make sure that each area of your home is no longer penetrable by skunks, with the use of mesh wiring on holes and filling holes in concrete.

In conclusion, few people have any desire to live for long with a skunk, especially soon after getting rid of one. If you would like to make sure that you never again have to share quarters with a skunk, it is a good idea to apply the tips listed above.

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