3 Questions To Ask A New Dog Groomer

When your dog needs to be washed and brushed, it may be a bigger job than you want to deal with. In that case, you need to take your dog to a dog groomer. If you have never used a groomer before, you need to find one who will do a good job on your dog. That means that you will need to ask potential groomers some questions to pick one that will work well for you and do a good job on your dog. 

Specialized Coats

One of the things you should ask the groomer about is their experience in specialized coats. Not all dog coats are the same, different breeds have different needs. For example, a Komondor or a Puli have cords that look like dreadlocks. That is how their coat naturally forms, and it does what it is designed to do. But it can't be handled the same way that the coat of a German Shepherd is. If the potential groomer doesn't have any experience or only has minimal experience working with the specialized coat of your dog, you may want to work with a different groomer.


Ask the groomer if you can look at their grooming facility. When looking at it, you want to see a clean area, well laid out, and smells good. Of course, there will probably be Eau de wet dog in the air, but it shouldn't be overpowering, and there shouldn't be any other strong or foul smells. You should also see the tools the groomer will use, like scissors, brushes, and clippers. Check with the groomer about how they clean their tools in between animals. They may have multiple sets of tools so that they can have one set being cleaned while they're using a different set.

Fearful Dogs

Your dog can be afraid of new situations, and seeing a groomer can be new. Or, your dog may have a shy or fearful personality. Those things can make it challenging to get your dog groomed. Check with the groomer to see how they handle fearful dogs. If the dog is mishandled, they can become more afraid of going to a groomer, and no one wants that to happen.

Making sure your dog looks good, with a new haircut and a nice brush out, can take a lot of work, and may be more than you can handle. If it is, you need to find a good dog groomer who can care for your dog.

Reach out to local dog groomers to learn more.