Things To Consider When Choosing A Min Pin Puppy

Miniature pinschers are typically fun, loyal, fearless, and energetic. They make wonderful pets, especially when you bring them home as puppies and raise them with your family. But how do you go about picking out a min pin puppy? It's a good idea to start by visiting a couple of different breeders so you can take a look at their pups, evaluate them, and see how they compare. Here are some key things to consider as you select one. 

How heavy are the parents?

Min pins can be prone to obesity. If the puppy's parents are obese, then the puppy is more likely to struggle with being overweight and obese itself. So, when you visit a breeder, always ask to be introduced to the parents of the pups. (Most breeders will do this automatically without you having to ask.) If the parents are rather chubby, this does not necessarily mean you should not buy one of their puppies. It does mean that if you do buy one of those pups, you'll need to be vigilant not to overfeed it. 

How have the puppies been socialized?

Min pins tend to be really independent, and socializing with unfamiliar people and dogs does not always come as naturally to them as it does to other breeds. Pups for sale are not usually of the age where they'll be going to dog parks or interacting with big groups of people yet. But you should ask the breeder about any socialization the puppies have had. If the breeder has introduced the pups to some older dogs they have, let the pups play with various visitors, and spent a lot of time with the puppies themselves, then this is a good sign. Those min pins will probably be easier to continue socializing.

Have the parents been health tested?

Like most breeds, min pins are prone to certain genetic health conditions. The most common ones are patellar luxation, cervical disc disorders, and epilepsy. Ask the breeder if they have had the pups' parents tested for these and other conditions. Health testing helps ensure that you don't buy a puppy, only to find out down the road that it will need years of ongoing vet care or physical therapy.

If you're ready to bring a min pin puppy into your family, make sure you take your time, ask questions, and select the puppy that is right for you. Contact a company with min pin puppies for sale for more information.