What You Need To Purchase Before You Bring Your New Puppy Home

Purchase the correct supplies to take care of your new puppy before you bring them home. Having the right supplies will make transitioning your new puppy into your home a smoother process.

#1: Crate

Put a crate at the top of your list -- this is how you will transport your puppy home and keep them safe. Once you get home, a crate is still essential. The crate is where your puppy will sleep at night. Eventually, your puppy will learn through crate training how to sleep in their crate at night without going to the bathroom in the crate, which will take time.

It is often a good idea to have two crates, one for your bedroom and one for the living room. Your crate will be the safe place where your puppy hangs out. Crates should be used as a positive place for your puppy to take a nap and have some chill time -- they should not be used as a punishment tool.

#2: Food & Water Bowl

Next, you need to get your puppy food and water bowls. You are going to want to go with food and water bowls that have a rubber bottom so they cannot easily be tipped over. You may also want to purchase a doggie placemat to go under the food and water bowls; this will help keep your floors clean.

If your puppy is small, you may want to purchase a smaller set of food and water bowls for them to use until they grow larger. Then you can upgrade to a large set of bowls once your puppy reaches its full size.

#3: Puppy Bed

Just like with the food and water bowls, you may need to start out with a smaller bed and get a larger bed later on when your puppy grows up. Make sure that you get a washable bed, as your puppy is bound to have accidents and having a washable puppy bed makes handling nighttime and naptime accidents much more manageable. You should also grab a few small blankets for your puppy to cuddle up with.

#4: Collar

Make sure you get your puppy a collar. This is something you will need to upgrade as your puppy grows, so don't spend too much on your puppy's first collar. Even if you aren't sure what to name your puppy, get it a tag with your contact information on it.

#5: Puppy Pee Pad

Little puppies have lots of little accidents, so purchase some puppy pee pads. You can purchase disposable pads or washable pads; either way, pee pads really do make potty training your new puppy less of a hassle.

#6: Odor & Stain Removal

Try as you might, not all accidents are going to take place on your puppy's bed or pee pad. That is why you should invest in some odor and stain removal products to keep things clean and remove any odors when your puppy has an accident during the potty-training period.

#7: Puppy Food

Finally, make sure to pick up some puppy food that is specifically formulated for the breed and type of puppy that you are getting. Whether you're bringing home a Golden Retriever or an Aussiedoodle puppy, make sure you know their size and weight so you can purchase the right kind of food. You need to make sure you can feed your puppy as soon as you bring it home.

Before you go pick up your new puppy, make sure that you already have the puppy supplies you need at your home.