How To Provide A Safe Way For Your Cat To Enjoy The Outdoors

Many cat lovers have issues with allowing their pets outside. The conflicting feelings they have are the result of too many kitties going outside and ending up hit by cars or badly injured. Cats can also contract many diseases and health problems, such as fleas, ticks, feline leukemia, feline HIV, and feline Lyme's disease. So, how can you resolve your conflict? There are safe ways to allow your kitty outside to explore and play while keeping him/her safe.

Buy Kitty Tunnels

You have probably seen those crazy tunnels built for hamsters and gerbils, right? That same idea has been developed into a series of outdoor kitty tunnels that you can construct to let your cat outside to roam a bit. Each section of these tunnels is fully ventilated with air holes so that your cat can get fresh air and listen to birds and squirrels. Your pet can visually chase the outdoor wildlife while remaining quite safe inside these tunnels.

Buy Cat Fencing

Of course, if you regularly treat your cat for fleas, ticks, and outdoor/internal parasites, then you can buy cat fencing instead of the tunnels. This is tightly woven mesh fencing that surrounds your property and prevents kitty from leaving the property. The tightness of the mesh also prevents your cat from trying to climb up and over the fence, too. You have the option of fencing off your entire yard, or creating an outdoor "caged" area where your cat is free to run, chase, leap, and play without ever leaving the property.

Buy Outdoor Cat Corrals

Corral is a nicer term for the immense cage that these kits create, do you not think so? In essence, you are building a large, airy, outdoor kennel that helps kitty stay safe while enjoying the outdoors. There is no way for kitty to escape, and it is unlikely that kitty will if you add the concrete slab to the bottom of this kennel.

If you have cats that do not get along well, it might be a good idea to put them outside in individual corrals so that they can do their own thing and not be in competition for space with each other. Just remember that cats are territorial, and that they will add their own scent to their own corral/kennel space. Knowing that, you will be sure to place the cats in their respective kennels and not switch them up.