Coaching Tips for Increasing Your Pet-Sitting Client Base Today for Free

If your pet-sitting business is having an issue with gaining new clients, then you will be pleased to learn that there are many things you can do to rectify the situation. By actively promoting your pet-sitting business in the right way and in the right places, you will soon have more customers than you can handle. And the good news is, you can take action today, and it will not cost you a cent to gain new business.

Here are some specific tips you can use to spread the word about your pet-sitting business, grow your customer base, and greatly enhance your business's income.

Tip: Ask Your Current Customers for Referrals

One of the easiest free ways you can grow your pet-sitting business is to simply ask your current customers for referrals. Since your current customers use your service because they are satisfied, they are a great source for new business.

Sit down today and call, email, or text each of your past clients and ask whether they would like to schedule any pet sitting for future dates. Also ask them to please consider passing along your contact information to any of their friends, family members, and business contacts who might need your services in the future. Let your customers know that you are looking to expand your business so they know that now is the time to mention your services to their contacts. This simple action will bring additional clients to your business within the week.

Tip: Advertise on Your Social-Media Accounts that You Are Expanding and Actively Seeking New Customers

Back in the day, if you wanted to advertise your small business, then you needed to pay for space in a local newspaper, magazine, and so forth. Thankfully, today you can simply post for free on your social-media accounts and reach a more targeted audience.

While you should be using your business's social-media accounts to regularly provide your customers with valuable tips and information about pet-care and pet-sitting topics, you should also occasionally use your accounts to blatantly ask for new business. However, you should do so only once every few weeks. If you post too often asking for new business, then it can lead potential customers to the belief that there is something wrong with your business because you are having difficulty finding new clients.

Tip: Hire a Professional Pet-Sitting Business Coach to Customize a Marketing Plan

Finally, if you find that you need professional help marketing your business, then a professional coach who specializes in pet-sitting businesses can be a boon of information. Your coach will spend time learning about your unique business and will help you formulate a marketing plan for future business growth.