Prepare Your Home For A New Dog This Holiday Season

Puppies are often on top of the list of gifts during the holiday season. If you're thinking about this option, a pet isn't just a great way to make your little one happy, but it's also a way to add more love within your family and teach your children responsibility. To ensure the best transition for your family, make certain you're prepared.


Each time your child reminds you that they want a pet for the holidays, use this as an opportunity to have a conversation about pet responsibility.

Topics to discuss include the importance of taking the dog out for regular exercise, not giving the pet anything to eat other than their food, and ensuring they pick up their toys so that the pet doesn't accidentally get something stuck in their throat. If you keep the conversation going, your children will already have a good idea about caring for the animal once they arrive.


Establishing a safe environment for the animal should not be an afterthought. This should be something you start thinking about and planning once you have decided to bring an animal into the home. For instance, is there a hole in the bottom of the fence that you've been ignoring for years?

If the answer is yes – now is the time to repair the problem. Don't wait until you've brought the dog home. Even a small space is enough for a tiny dog to get stuck and injured or even escape. Keep this train of thought as you go throughout your home so that you can make sure your home is safe for the dog from day one.


Dogs are cute and cuddly, but they are also a responsibility when it comes to finances. To limit your stress load and ensure the best care for the pet, sit down and prepare a budget first to see if you need to make any changes to your existing family budget.

On average, a new pet costs around $700 and $2,000 to care for in the first year for things like food, routine grooming and health care, microchipping, and spaying and neutering. The better you know what type of additional expenses to expect, the better you can prepare.

Always keep in mind the safety and health of your pet. Make sure you are making a conscious effort to create a wonderful home environment for the animal before they even arrive. For more information, contact local professionals like Bar R Kennels.