Steps To Take When Taking In A Stray Cat

If you have had a cat hanging around outside your home for several weeks, you may have considered keeping it as a pet. A stray animal can make great companion if there are steps taken beforehand to make sure they do not belong to anyone else. You will also want to make sure the cat is free of disease and illness. Here are some steps to follow after you make the decision you would like to keep a stray cat.

Advertise And Ask Others About Ownership

Before you bring the cat into your home, you will want to make sure it is not a cat that comes to visit daily while having another home in the area. Some cats are overly friendly and may just be looking for a handout if their real owner is not at home to feed them at the moment. Ask your neighbors if they know if the cat has an owner in the area. Consider touching base with a local humane society to see if someone had called in asking about the cat. Place a few fliers on telephone poles with the cat's picture on them asking people to call you if the cat belongs to them.

Have A Complete Veterinarian's Exam Done

Bring the cat to a veterinarian in your area to have it evaluated for any health problems. A veterinarian would be able to tell if the cat is in need of medical assistance of any kind and they will offer recommendations on the course of action to take if there is indeed a problem. Once the cat has a clean bill of health, the veterinarian will give you a schedule for immunizations the cat will need to remain in good health. They may also speak to you about getting the cat spayed or neutered if this has not already been done.

Ease The Cat Into Its New Home

You will want to try easing the cat into a lifestyle where it remains indoors so it no longer wanders off. Bring the cat into your home and set up a litter box and feeding area in one room. The cat should stay in this room for a few days so it does not get lost in the home. After it appears comfortable in the one room, allow it to explore other areas of the home. Consider using a harness on the cat and accompany it outdoors while it wears this safety tool. The cat will then be able to enjoy the outdoors without risk of it running away. In time the cat will become used to this process, as well as the interior of your home.